Max Rady College of Medicine Art Show

The Creative Arts Interest Group, or CAIG, is one of the many medical student interest groups at the University of Manitoba’s Bannatyne Campus. Made up of three first-year and three second-year medical students, who all love art in some way, the Creative Arts Interest Group strives to encourage medical students to engage in creativity with their peers and share their love of the arts with the wider community. The Creative Arts Interest Group was created in 2018 as a conglomerate of the Art, Writing, and Music Interest Groups. Since then, CAIG has been better able to serve the creative interests of the medical student body.

One of the biggest events put on by CAIG every year is the Max Rady College of Medicine Art Show. It has traditionally been a week-long event held in Brodie Atrium, complete with a gala to celebrate the artists and their works. A different theme is chosen for each year’s art show.

This year’s theme is ‘The Future is Now!’, aimed at celebrating the advances in medical technology or lamenting at the current state of affairs in medicine and what can go wrong if we don’t act now. Artists are encouraged to interpret the theme how they wish and submit works using any and all media.

The art show is usually put on as a collaboration with Art City, a non-profit community art studio that aims to provide the greater community with art programs and opportunities to express themselves. CAIG has traditionally worked with Art City’s children’s programs, at their main studio and their outreach sites. We teach the children about the year’s chosen theme and work with them to create a centrepiece for the art show. The children also contribute their own pieces to the art show and are invited to attend the gala with their families. Unfortunately, we were unable to collaborate with Art City this year, due to the COVID-19 lockdowns and physical distancing recommendations.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we were unsure of what would happen to the art show. However, we felt that in these uncertain and trying times, we need creativity more than ever. With school and social events cancelled, many people may turn to the arts as a way of dealing with their feelings. Besides, as our theme so fittingly suggests, the future really is now. We had all the technology at our hands to create a virtual edition of the art show so we decided to harness that to our advantage. We wanted to give everyone a platform to express themselves during these trying times, to share their feelings and remind everyone that despite this pandemic, we are all still connected by art and creativity.

With that, we are pleased to present this year’s virtual Max Rady College of Medicine Art Show. We have a wide variety of works, from paintings to poetry to music to videos. There is something for everyone. Please browse the website at your leisure and enjoy the art show!

From our hearts to yours,

Creative Arts Interest Group, 2019-2020