7 Years – Lukas Graham (Cover)

Joseph Pham

The overall story that this song portrays is one about growing up. I felt like this message was particularly powerful for me as a first-year student of a healthcare profession. I remember being a child and always trying to guess who future me would be. Who would I be? What would I become? Life is about milestone after milestone. I am proud of myself for being who I am now, but there is more to come. I think that this song is very representative of all of these feelings, as it takes us through a story of a man who is reminiscing about the past, yet also looking into the future.

This is a pretty big stretch in the interpretation of the theme, “The Future is Now!”, but I’d like to think that my accomplishments until now are the things I used to consider “future goals” in my past, and that my “future goals” now will hopefully be future me’s accomplishments.