A Continuum Of Physiology

Karim Sidhom (College of Medicine)

In first year, we focus on physiology Then in second year we challenge pathology Throw in some second-year longitudinal accessory epidemiology After all the work put into a variety of medical __-ology We have completed 120 exams That in it of itself deserves an applause so please pat yourself on the back or clap your hands We passed through so many units (just barely sometimes) Memorizing various mnemonics and enzymes Hopefully to now get into a position where we can use the knowledge to treat our future patients We have completed our foundations Soon we will move on to specialize, whether it be kidney, in urology Or metabolic, in pediatrics and genealogy Or lung, in respirology Maybe spine and brain, in neurosurgery We have now officially touched on all major systems Yet there is still quite a lot of work needed to run the rest of the distance I have yet to grasp them I have yet to understand them Having never experienced the pathologies we have gone through – luckily nor have my loved ones Hopefully, none of us ever will, but it still frightens me tons What happens if a patient presents in front of me and I do not know what to do? I mean If it is an OSCE, that is fine – only need 8/12, right to come through? But what if it is not an OSCE What if I just lost 4 patients, does it change if I lost three? So, I need a favor If I waiver If I only get 8/12, can you get the other 4? I am scared because I feel like my brain is not big enough for all 12 and therefore, I am scared because I feel like I cannot apply the 120 to the 12 There is not enough space to stuff in the continuum of physiology needed to do this right by myself, Be it kidney, metabolic, lung, or maybe spine and brain But I am not alone in this pain, Medicine is itself a continuum not simply of systems and organs but people, peers, doctors Whether you become a specialist, a generalist, or some mix of the two you will be part of the roster So, from one team member to another, from one freckle of the continuum to another, I need a favor If I get 8/12, can you get the other 4 – act as our lifesaver? We have gotten through 120 exams together, its quotient by 10 in SPs is just another milestone But if you doubt that or if you disagree, you are not alone, You are wrong lol You just need to ask for a favor or give me or anyone else a call, So, from one freckle of the continuum to another, just ask for a favor and do not pout Another 300 exams to go then maybe we can chill out