A World Divided

Navjit Singh (College of Medicine)

It’s been a hard year.
No one can deny that.
From the pandemic to protests to wars.
It feels like this year has been a never-ending nightmare.

We all just want to see our friends.
Heck, some of us also want to see our families.
But more restrictions are put in place.
Keeping us divided.

Anti-mask rallies, people throwing parties.
We hope that things will get better.
But how can they?
We remain divided.

Across the ocean, people are dying.
Not just from the virus.
But because of violence.
The world is divided.

So then what will bring us together?
Vaccines? Ending protests? Donating money?
We don’t know how things will be fixed.
We just want this never-ending nightmare to stop.

This is a free verse poem about how even though the whole world is going through a collective experience, we still remain divided.