Med Student at Station 5

Brendan (College of Medicine)

Myself and my classmate Madeline were shuffled to the rest station during our 8 station OSCE, where we were seated in a hallway and instructed not to speak. Rather than focus on the stations that I was quite confident I had failed, I decided to channel anxious energy into this quick doodle portrait of her. I don’t think it’s a particularly good portrait (I make no claim of being an artist), but I’m submitting it because I thought it might be an interesting reminder to those of us who have sat in halls in between stations of what felt like the most important exam in the world at that time. What did you think about then? What were you worrying about? Before you think I’m getting to be a bit pretentious here, submitting a doodle and asking you questions about your fears, thoughts and worries, I’d like you to know that the first draft of this blurb had an entire paragraph where I compared these rest stations to the Bonfires from the Dark Souls series of video games. Speaking of which – I met a very good friend during my MMI rest station, and with his advice I beat Sif. Anyways. I don’t know how to end this thing now that I’ve started. I guess I’ll just thank you for reading this, and give a special thanks to Madeline Robinson, Katherine Clark, and the standardized patients and OSCE examiners that I encountered today.